We value partners who care about the environment and ethical production


Our winter collection is made from the finest merino wool. Our long term supplier has over 50 years experience in making innovative and high quality fabrics. The merino wool in 100% mulesing free. Here is what our supplier has to say about the environment and production of our merino wool fabric:



With an emphasis on innovative and original designs, our fabrics are created with passion and unsurpassed quality. An Ideal Environment Between the Mountains & the Sea. Levin, New Zealand's textile town, is just a one hour drive from the art and fashion focused capital of Wellington. Home to Levana, Levin is situated between the rugged Tararua Ranges and the vast Tasman Ocean, extreme environments typical of a country where hard-wearing, high-performing fabrics are a must.

This unique environment provides Levana with something very valuable - pure water and clean air. All the water we use in the processing of our fabrics comes exclusively from the underground water tables of the Tararua Ranges. Having been naturally filtered through the mountains for hundreds of years, it's 100% chemical free.

Naturally we want to protect our local environment, so we make sure our processes, dyes and chemicals are environmentally friendly keeping the air and waterways healthy and clean.



Quality you can be sure of. If it's not up to standard, it doesn't go out - it really is that simple. Our strict laboratory tests ensure that our fabrics meet international standards, and every roll of fabric is examined for faults before it leaves Levana.

Levana is an Invista accredited mill, and is also proudly ISO 9001 certified - an international qualification awarded to companies who meet strict Quality Management System criteria.

“We are constantly developing and evolving — there’s always something new happening.”
— Levana, textile mill